Middle School Educators

Recruit a team for the North Carolina Gravity Games

Design, build and race your own “soap box”-type car in the North Carolina Gravity Games! This statewide competition will be hosted in Lenoir, N.C., on April 5, 2014, by Google in cooperation with Appalachian State University and North Carolina Science Festival. Middle schools are eligible to enter teams in the “Gravity Only” and “Open Powered” divisions. Registration is open until March 22, 2014, but team spaces are limited, so register now so you won’t miss out on the fun!

Dr. Andrea Lucky

Dr. Andrea Lucky, scientist

What is the Invite-A-Scientist program?

North Carolina Science Festival recruits dynamic and dedicated scientists and other STEM experts to share their excitement about science with students in middle school classes. These talented scientists and experts are selected to mirror the diversity of our state and are available to visit North Carolina schools through the Festival’s Invite-A-Scientist program. The goal of each visit is to inspire your students to consider science as a career and to understand how science impacts our lives.

2014 Invite-A-Scientist application process closed

Thanks for your interest! We received more than 100 Invite-A-Scientist applications this year across North Carolina. The Festival works to accommodate each school that applies by the deadline, but the number of schools served by Invite-A-Scientist depends on the schedules of the schools and the availability of the scientists.

If your school was not selected or you missed the deadline, but you want to conduct a similar program at your school, you can request access to free, downloadable materials that will give you all the information you need for a successful event. Email the Festival at ncscifestschools@unc.edu for your access link.

2013-2014 Invite-A-Scientist timeline

Oct. 16, 2013: Application process for 2014 begins
Nov. 1, 2013: Application deadline
Dec. 6, 2013: Selected classes are notified and paired with scientists
Jan. 14, 2014: Webinar for educators and scientists
February 2014: Packets delivered to participating classes
March-April 2014: Classes host scientists
April 30, 2014: Educators and scientists submit evaluations