April 8-24, 2016

High School Educators

Recruit a team for the North Carolina Gravity Games

Design, build and race your own “soap box”-type car in the North Carolina Gravity Games! This statewide competition is hosted by Google in cooperation with Appalachian State University and North Carolina Science Festival annually in Lenoir. High schools are eligible to enter teams in the “Gravity Only” and “Open Powered” divisions.

Science Spotlight — just for high school students!

What’s a good way to help high school students learn to think critically about important issues in modern science? Science Spotlight!

Science Spotlight includes three components: a detailed curriculum that explores science issues in the news, classroom discussions and an online Skype discussion with an appropriate expert. (The Festival pairs each participating school with a scientist conducting research in the topic.)

In 2014, the first year of Science Spotlight, high school students took an interdisciplinary look at nuclear energy and fracking, topics that sparked engaging discussions in environmental science, chemistry and social sciences.

North Carolina Science Festival will selected 50 high school classes to participate in Science Spotlight for 2014-2015. Each selected class will receive the Science Spotlight curriulum free of charge.