Special Features

Thanks to the generosity of funders, the 2017 North Carolina Science Festival features several events so special we hold them at numerous times and locations throughout the state.

  • The fifth annual Statewide Star Party will host public skywatching sessions at 49 sites, with about 4,000 visitors and 200 STEM professionals and volunteers expected to participate.
  • The Traveling Science Roadshow will send UNC-Chapel Hill science students on tour to share science with new audiences in Boone and Hickory counties.
  • The North Carolina Gravity Games is a STEM-education racing extravaganza in which students use STEM lessons to build and race their own gravity-powered cars in downtown Lenoir, NC.
  • In partnership with three HBCU institutions, IMPACTS is training and sending out into communities scientists from diverse backgrounds with a passion for science who want to share it in hopes of inspiring a next generation of STEM professionals who “look like they do.”