April 10-26, 2015

North Carolina Statewide Star Party

Curious about what’s up in the night sky? Check out the North Carolina Statewide Star Party, a signature event of North Carolina Science Festival!

If you’ve never been to a star party or a skywatching session, here’s a time-lapse video that shows you the entire event, start to finish. This video was made by Chapel Hill astronomer Joe Pedit and is used with his permission.


Star parties are family-friendly events held at many locations across the state — and these events are so popular that they’ve spread to South Carolina, too. Host sites provide the telescopes and hands-on asronomy activities, and you provide the curiosity!

The North Carolina Statewide Star Party is made possible thanks to the generous support of NC Space Grant.

Plans for the 2015 Statewide Star Party are underway now. All dates and host sites will be listed on the official NC Science Festival calendar.