2021 Statewide Star Party Application


2021 Statewide Star Party Application

The deadline to apply to be a Star Party host site is Friday, December 11, 2020.

For more details about the 2021 North Carolina Statewide Star Party, please visit www.ncscifest.org/starparty.

Contact Info

Contact Information

In-Person Event Info

In-Person Event Information

Encouraged if public health considerations permit, but not required

Describe your plans for organizing your Star Party event. Please include the location, intended audience, collaborators and partners, how your participants will observe the sky, other activities participants will do at your event, your rain/cloud plan, your staffing plan, your plan for promoting your event, and any other details you feel are important. If you plan to partner with amateur astronomers or an astronomy club, tell us which astronomers/club and whether you already have a relationship with them.

Please note: Star Party events must be scheduled for Friday, April 16 or Saturday, April 17, 2021
Mini-Kit Distribution

Mini-kit Distribution

If you are unable or choose not to host an in-person event, we ask that you distribute the kit’s activity materials directly to 25 families. Please describe how you would plan to get those materials into the hands of families.

Virtual Offerings

Virtual Offerings

A suite of virtual offerings during the month of April 2021 will be made available to all Star Party hosts to promote to their audiences, such as presentations about the Moon and Mars and demonstrations on how to do the Star Party activities at home. Star Party hosts are invited to contribute to this suite of virtual offerings in whatever way best suits their site and expertise. For example, a Star Party host located at an observatory might offer a solar or nighttime observing livestream from their telescopes, a Star Party host at a library might offer an online storytime, a Star Party host at a planetarium might offer an online sky tour using planetarium software, a Star Party host at any site might offer a how-to video, a blog post, a conversation with an astronomy expert, a demonstration of a Star Party activity in a language other than English, etc.

Please describe.
Science for All

Science for All

The North Carolina Science Festival is committed to the mission of “Science for All.” Please describe how your institution and your participation in the Statewide Star Party helps to achieve that mission and improve access to STEM opportunities for North Carolinians, particularly underserved and underrepresented populations. Consider your audience for any in-person event you may plan or for receiving activity materials directly, and for virtual offerings.


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