Sizing Up the Moon

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Sizing Up the Moon


Create a model of the relative sizes of Earth and the Moon and the distance between them. You’ll need one of the following: 1) Play-Doh, OR 2) racquetball and marble, OR 3) basketball and tennis ball.

Have you noticed the Moon in the sky this week?

The Moon and Earth practice some serious social distancing. On average, the Moon is about 240,000 miles away from Earth.

That’s the equivalent of 30 Earth diameters. Imagine 30 more Earths lined up between you and the Moon.

If you scaled down Earth to the size of a racquetball, the Moon would be the size of a marble. The distance between them would be roughly an adult’s arm span.

Explore the relative sizes and distance of Earth and the Moon in the Star Party activity “Sizing Up the Moon.” You’ll need Play-Doh, OR a racquetball and marble, OR a basketball and tennis ball.