Elementary School Educators

Each year, the North Carolina Science Festival awards 150 Duke Energy Science Night kits to elementary schools across North Carolina.
What is a Duke Energy Science Night?
A Duke Energy Science Night is a school-based event for students, their parents and caregivers, and their teachers. Together, everyone experiences a variety of hands-on science activities. It can be held after school, at night or on a weekend.

Schools throughout North Carolina host Duke Energy Science Nights for their students and families. Duke Energy Science Nights are official events of the North Carolina Science Festival, and they are a great way to bring families together to explore the amazing world of science!

For selected schools, Duke Energy Science Night kits include:
• A planning guide (everything schools need to know to organize this event!)
• An activity guide, with instructions for 10 fun, hands-on science activities
• All activity materials needed for 200 participants
• Promotional materials including a Kelvin!
• Unlimited access to Duke Energy Science Night downloadable materials including Spanish versions of all materials

Schools that are not selected will still receive access to all digital materials including a supply list, planning guide, activity guides, instruction sheets, table cards, Spanish translations of all documents, instructional videos, and email/phone support as needed!
2017-2018 Timeline
Aug. 1, 2017: Application process begins for 2018 events
Sept. 30, 2017: Application deadline
Oct. 16, 2017: Selected schools are notified via email
February 2018: Kits are shipped to selected schools
March-April 2018: Selected schools host Duke Energy Science Nights for their students
May 1, 2018: Selected schools submit evaluations


Interested in learning more about our Duke Energy Science Night program or accessing materials?  Contact ncscifestschools@unc.edu for more info!